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how does ali michael look like that she is like a whole other species



send me your writing (poems, stories, doodles etc.) I would love to read it all 

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60タイプライター MILK チェック半袖シャツ

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soft boys who are tough in bed. boys w nice hands and nice eyes and strong arms and a pretty smile. soft boys. smart boys. soft boys


i fucking hate youi fucking hope you rot in hell you’re pathetic hah


i love hydrangeas

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Taurus, do not be suspicious of the light in your life.

Gemini, you are whole.

Cancer, believe in the good people.

Leo, let yourself heal.

Virgo, stop hiding who you are behind what you do.

Libra, reawaken.

Scorpio, you are the only boss of you.

Sagittarius, you carry more than you need just to keep your arms full.

Capricorn, answers are coming.

Aquarius, it is your turn to make things happen.

Pisces, radiate hope.

Aries, it was never your fault."

— MAY HOROSCOPES by Blythe Baird 

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